Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs


Our Vision

We live in an era of innovation that is changing the world faster than ever. Today’s youth need every advantage to succeed in tomorrow’s business world. We believe curiosity and creativity are vital to harness the power of innovation. We have crafted an immersive educational experience to empower students of all abilities to dream big and bring those dreams to life.

Our Mission

We champion curiosity and seek to shift the way students approach teamwork, creative problem solving, and forging ideas into reality.

Anyone can be a leader if they want to be one. Leaders develop their abilities through experience and training. Leadership starts with self-awareness and empathy for others. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and understanding others’ feelings are the foundations of great leadership.

━━ Naomi Sanchez
Assistant Dean
Foster School of Business
University of Washington

Core Values

Leadership & Teamwork

Leadership & Teamwork

Great companies need great teamwork. True leaders inspire others to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater. Everyone can be a true leader.

Design Thinking for Innovation

Design Thinking for Innovation

Innovation is everyone’s business. We can all do well to do better with less. Think of this as a place of innovation, discovery and ideation.

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Knowhow

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Knowhow

Good ideas become great ideas when the sparks of ideas fly into action. We’ll build essential entrepreneurial capabilities and develop fundamental business skills.

Effective Communication & Presentation

Effective Communication & Presentation

Team spirit comes from the top, and collaboration starts with effective communication. We’ll learn powerful tools for a rewarding professional life.

Industry Professional Coaching

Industry Professional Coaching

When interacting with big names in tech, business and education, hand-in-hand coaching helps manifest product ideas from zero to one.

Real-World Business Cases

Real-World Business Cases

Practical strategies applied to business cases from leading companies and thriving startups demonstrate product innovation and problem solving.


Our family really appreciates this program. Our son not only learned fundamentals of business here, but he also learned how to build a business with others on a team. Everyday he would tell me how much he was learning at camp. He felt he was in a real, working environment. He realizes now that in a real working scenario there are many considerations to take before making important decisions. He is looking forward to the next class.

Camp Details

In 10 days, your children will benefit from team cooperation while finding their “eye of the tiger.” Here at Innova Fellows, we have crafted an immersive educational experience to supercharge learning and empower students of all abilities to dream big and bring those dreams to life. Our team of educators, professional consultants and hard-working support staffs guarantee a rewarding, informative and evolutionary experience.

Week One

Day 1

Kicks off with a round of ice breaker activities designed to get students to relax and get to know each other. Afterwards, the main event is a stirring discussion with an expert on leadership and innovation. The morning session will wrap up by exploring roles of CxO and self evaluating their personal learning styles. The afternoon session will begin with members choosing roles. Afterwards, a variety of cases will be presented to the members for their selection.

Day 2

The morning starts with an exploration of design thinking based around the Empathize and Define framework. This intense activity will be followed up with members using focus groups and customer survey tools to conduct primary market research to inform their design parameters. The afternoon will revolve around teamwork activities designed to help them build and deliver their surveys in an effective manner.

Day 3

The morning session will begin with an expert lecture using actual industrial design cases to inform their thinking about design in regards to Ideate, Prototype and Test. Program fellows will then review their survey results and analyze the implications. In the afternoon, we will have teamwork activities on product design.

Day 4

will feature an expert perspective on marketing research with discussion panels. The afternoon will continue their progress on designing products and creating prototypes in team activities.

Day 5

commences with a lecture on corporate finance. Team members in the CFO role will create P/L, budgeting and break-even analysis. The CMO/CSO role will work on marketing materials, surveys and customer validation, and the CIO will design a competitive analysis in the team activities.

Week Two

Day 6

opens the session with the next step of the process: sales strategy. A zero to one presentation by a CEO will kick off the day, followed by team work on crafting a personal brand essence, resumes and the good old 90” pitch. After lunch, the kids’ teams will develop their product sales strategy under the guidance of classroom assistants.

Day 7

The first program is on creating business plans and, coincidentally, storytelling. The students will work on filming vids for their 90” pitch. They eat a nutritious lunch, then work through the afternoon on the pitch deck, where they practice their pitches in early rehearsals.

Day 8

of the program will see students polishing their presentation skills in the morning, then another afternoon devoted to 90” pitch filming.

Day 9

The penultimate day of the program opens on the students furiously practicing their pitches as they hone in on the perfect patter. In the afternoon, teams will finalize their business plans and finish off the pitch deck.

Day 10

The last day of the program: the showdown, the final curtain. Final rehearsals in the morning. The calm before the storm. Families and friends are cordially invited to engage the afternoon session. Teams will showcase the immense amount of what they learned and created to a panel of judges from seasoned venture capitalists, angel investors and industrial leaders.
Ages 11 - 15
Dates July 15 - 26,  2019
August 5 - 16,  2019
Hours M - F,   9 a.m - 5 p.m
July session
Center for Urban Horticulture, University of Washington
3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98195
August session
Professional and Continuing Education, University of Washington
2445 140th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005
Tuition $2,380.00
Early Bird $2,080.00 until April 30,  2019
Extended care and late pick up:
  • Daily activities end at 5 pm. We don’t provide further extended care.
  • Parents picking up children after 5:30 pm will be charged a late fee of $5 per five minutes, per child with no cap.

* The Innova Fellows Product Innovation and Business Summer Program introduces young men and women to exciting business fields and opportunities. Committed to creating educational equity among young people from diverse backgrounds, the Innova Fellows Outreach Committee is excited to announce ten full scholarships valued at $2,380 each to students with a strong interest in business to attend our program. Application ends by May 31, 2019.

Our Mentors

Naomi Sanchez
Naomi Sanchez

Ed.D. Assistant Dean, UW Foster. Experienced thought leader with a record of promotions in both the private and public sectors.

Rachel Azaroff
Rachel Azaroff

Founder of  MoneyBuff and Pitcht. Over ten years of product marketing and consulting experience. UW Foster MBA.

R. Brooks Gekler
R. Brooks Gekler

MBA Professor at UW. Over 20 years of senior executive experience in marketing, operating and strategy. NYU Stern MBA.

Ken Horenstein
Ken Horenstein

Experienced venture capitalist and marketing expert at M12, a Microsoft venture fund. Angel investor. UW Foster MBA.

Jean Gekler
Jean Gekler

Sr. Asso. Director, UW Foster. Fifteen years of experience in developing and delivering leadership development programs. MBA.

Meg Peavey
Meg Peavey

MBA candidate at the Foster School of Business, UW. Six years of experience in public outreach in the government sector and in international education.

Gregory Heller
Gregory Heller

Business Communications Advisor at UW Foster. Ten years of experience in coaching public speaking and presentation. MPA NYU.

Ping Xu
Ping Xu

Finance Partner. Nine years of experience in Corporate Finance in Fortune 500 companies. UW Foster MBA.

Anna Boynton
Anna Boynton

Lead presentation speaker coach for TEDxSeattle. C-level executive communication coach for UW, Microsoft and Google, etc. Master of Fine Arts.

Advisory Board Members

Naomi Sanchez is Assistant Dean at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington. She has held several senior executive level positions in the government, education, and business sectors. She has also served on numerous community organization Boards to include: Seattle Leadership Tomorrow Board of Directors, Japanese American Citizens League, President, Center for Career Alternatives, President, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, SEAFAIR Board of Directors, and the Greater Seattle YMCA.

Naomi holds a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Washington. She is the recipient of the 2013 Dean's Leadership Award and 2003 Dean's Citizenship Award, at the Foster School of Business.

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